Parser for conjunctive context sensitive grammers

The Manual

Everyone who picks up a new tool needs to be taught how to use it, right? Computer programs tend to be very complex tools with oft unexpected behaviors. Screwdrivers don't seem to work at all if you've only ever dealt with hammers... Good documentation (here) is the best way to figure out how to use it the right way - twist, not hit. There are two ways to interface with it (use it - like two different hands), and an explanation of what goes into it(screws, not nails) and what you might expect to come out of it.


Command Line Interface. From a shell or a script, you can use commands to make a parse forest/tree to be used in your pipeline.


Application Programming Interface. To directly use everything inside another program, link to the library version, call the commands yourself and use the forest walker to wander around your parse structures.


Probably what you want to see the most; how to describe the grammar of the formal language you want in the way that LuZc recognizes. There's a grammar for LuZc to recognize grammars - the grammar grammar =)